The Photography of

Lance Edwards-Hampton

                                                                                             Born and raised in small town Alberta, Lance briefly lived in Calgary and then the west coast

of Canada before moving back to Crossfield, a

small town just North of Calgary with his

long time girlfriend Danielle.

Although currently working a full time day job, most of Lance's spare time is spent on the pursuit of adventure and his never ending quest to photograph all the beauty this world has to offer.  Most weekends he can be found in the Canadian Rockies pushing himself further and further into the world of outdoor recreation and extreme sports. When not in the mountains he can also be found in the foothills searching for large game to shoot (with his lens) or on the prairies chasing down our wild summer weather.  Lance hopes to eventually make a life out of outdoor recreation, travel and photography. Things to look forward to in the future from Lance are guided photo tours to watch the famous wild horses of Alberta, a coffee table book full of inspiring photos and humorous stories of his adventures, and eventually a documentary about his quest to travel to and explore in every single one of Canada's National Parks.

I hope somebody somewhere

Quotes something that I have said

Long after I'm dead.

One of a million.

Just another guy with a camera.

But good at a lot of other things as well.

Being a photographer makes me so much more.

Photographer. Graphic Designer. Director.

Astronomer. Storm Chaser. Reporter.

Biologist. Geologist. Explorer.